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Deficiencies in MP/MS

Major deficiencies observed in Mining Plans and Schemes of Mining

I         General  

  1. Consent letter of the State Govt. indicating the precise area proposed to be granted for mining lease is not given.
  2. The rule under which mining plan/schemes of mining submitted is not mentioned correctly on covering page as well in the concerned text.
  3. The ownership and occupancy of the area is not given properly.
  4. The validity of recognition of RQP who prepared the mining plan/ Scheme of Mining is not given. Certificate of Recognition as qualified person either for individual or for organizations is not specifically mentioned.
  5. The plans and sections are not prepared as per the provisions of MCDR, 1988.
  6. Information on infrastructure available is not given.
  7. All relevant circulars of CCOM are not taken into account while preparing mining plan/ Scheme of Mining, conceptual plan, generation of baseline data etc.
  8. Certificate regarding observation of provisions of Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 1988 in the mining plan/ Scheme of Mining is not given by the Recognized Qualified Person.
  9. Consent letter from the applicant with regard to authorizing the Recognized qualified persons to prepare mining plan/ Scheme of Mining is not given.

 II.       Geology and Reserves             

  1. Many a times local geology is not correlated with regional geological set up of the area. The physical and chemical characteristics of the litho-logical units occurring in the area is not described.
  2. The exploration proposed and already carried out is not shown on Surface and Surface Geological Plans as per the standards prescribed in this regard.
  3. The  exploratory pits/drill holes are randomly proposed instead of adopting any systematic pattern.
  4. The categorization of reserves is not done as per UNFC Classification. The mineable reserves are estimated by surface area method; not by cross section/slice plan method.
  5. Prominent physiographic features, drainage pattern, natural water courses, PWD roads, railway lines and forest areas are not depicted.
  6. Hydro-geological report is not given in  the mining plan in case the dewatering is more than 100 m3/ day or excavation is proposed below water table.

III.      Mining

          a) Opencast Mines 

  1. The geometry and bench parameters and its sequence of development and exploitation are not discussed properly.
  2. The details of machinery deployment justifying the project planning in the Mining Plan / Scheme of Mining are not furnished.
  3. The ultimate pit limit at the end of life of the mine is not shown properly.
  4. The yearwise development plan and sections are not prepared on the basis of assay plan and Geological Plan/section.

          b) Underground Mines    

  1. Location of drives, winzes, cross cuts and other mode of entries are not shown on the plans and sections, if workings are already made.
  2. Size, extent & spatial disposition including width and depth of the orebody(ies) alongwith its brief description is not given in the classification and estimation of ore reserves.
  3. Details of support system for strata control including behaviour of orebody/ wall rock is not given.
  4. Geo-technical investigations, rock mechanics study carried out already, if any, is not given.
  5. Scheme of mine development in tandem with production and for exploitation of the orebody upto mineable limits is not given.
  6. Ore /waste transport system in underground is not dealt properly.
  7. Changes envisaged in over-all scheme of stoping is not given properly and not depicted in the relevant plans/and sections.
  8. Sources of filling material, its adequacy, storage and method for underground transport for back-filling the stoped-out voids is not given.
  9. Adequacy of ventilation system taking into account the development works with background calculation is not given.

IV.      Environmental Management Plan

  1. The existing land use pattern indicating the area already degraded is not given. The detailed base line information is missing.
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment Statement describing the impact of mining on environment is not given.
  3. The time bound action is not proposed in EMP i.e. proposals as per approved mining plan, position at the end of 5 years of mining plan period, proposals for the next 5 year plan period.
  4. Yearwise proposal for reclamation of land affected is not given.
  5. Yearwise Programme of afforestation for the initial five years and upto conceptual plan period is not given.
  6. Yearwise stabilization and vegetation of dumps alongwith waste dump management for the first five years is not given
  7. Monitoring schedules for different environmental components after the commencement of mining and other related activities is not given. 

VI.       Progressive Mine Closure Plan 

  1. The schemes/ proposals to be implemented for reclamation and rehabilitation of affected area are not described.
  2. Management of surface and ground water, ambient air indicating existing quality, corrective measures proposed to meet the standards are not described.
  3. Available waste, its quality, practice and manner of its disposal are not described.
  4. Top soil available at the site and its utilisation not described.
  5. The steps to be taken for protection and stability of tailing dam, stabilisation /utilization of tailing material, measures to prevent water pollution not given.
  6. The financial assurance is not calculated and submitted as stipulated in the statutes.
  7. Relevant chapters  are not supported with Plans and Sections.

V.        Final Mine Closure Plan

  1. Reason for closure of mining operations is not specified.
  2. Comparison of reserves indicated in the approved mining plan/scheme with the balance mineral reserves available at the time of closure not given.
  3. Review of the committed proposals of approved mining plan /scheme indicating its progress upto the time of closure not given.
  4. Details of proposals to be implemented for reclamation and rehabilitation of the affected land, relevant plans and sections depicting the process of reclamation and rehabilitation are not given.
  5. Details of type, quality and quantity of waste materials / rejects available and protective measures to prevent pollution from these are not given.
  6. Detail of time schedule of all activities relating to abandonment is not given.
  7. The financial assurance is not calculated and submitted as stipulated in the statute.
  8. The decommissioning of mining machineries, surface structures, plants etc. and their possible post mining utilisation, if any, are not described.
  9. The safety measures implemented to prevent access to surface openings, excavations etc., is omitted
  10. Disaster and Risk Assessment is not dealt with action plan.
  11. Details of people employed in the mine, compensation to be given for sustenance, possible engagement in satellite occupations after closure, envisaged repercussions on the society around are not dealt
  12. Cost of abandonment towards the activities required to be executed for rehabilitation measures including monitoring and maintenance after closure is not estimated on reality.
  13. Brief description of the mining method followed to win the mineral, mechanisation, mining machinery deployed, production level etc not given.
  14. The mineral beneficiation practices if any indicating the process description, discharge details of tailings / middlings and disposal / utilisation practices not given
  15. A note on the status of baseline information is not enclosed
  16. Existence/ non-existence of mineral in the area/areas to be surrendered is not ensured.


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