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Application for Renewal of Recognised Qualified Person(RQP) -Form C


“Persons eligible for grant of recognition under rule 22 C of Mineral Concession Rules, 1960, may download this form and submit the duly filled in form to the concerned regional office alongwith the form fee of Rs. 100/- (for  renewal of recognition) ,   payable by Demand Draft drawn on any nationalized bank,  in favour of “Drawing and Disbursing Officer, IBM, (name of concerned region) .”


Mines & Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act, 1957.
Application for Recognition as Qualified Person to Prepare Mining Plans
(Under Rule 22(c) of Mineral Concession Rules,1960)


I,______________________________________________________________________________________, / on behalf of _____________________________________________________________ (applicant organisation) am desirous of seeking renewal of recognition as qualified person under Rule 22(c) of Mineral Concession Rules,1960 for the preparation of Mining Plans ( including environmental management plans) and furnish the following details.:

  1. Name of the applicant organisation and address :

  2. Registration number for recognition as qualified person :
    and its last date of validity .

  3. Nanes of key persons proposed for renewal( up to a maximum of six) including changes if any.
    (They will individually have the qualifications and experience required for recognition under Rule 22(c) of Mineral Concession Rules,1960.)






    (Attach biodata of new key persons proposed (not incuded in the original registration) in enclosed proforma- Enclosure No.II )

  4. Prescribed Enclosure No. I duly filled in and signed.

  5. Certificate of recognition as Qualified person issued by IBM is enclosed in original.

  6. Letter of authorisation to act as Authorised signatory during the period of renewal is enclosed (strike off, if not applicable).

    I hereby declare that the information furnished in this application form together with the enclosures is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


    For and on behalf of

    Place :  


    Date :

    Seal of the organisation

    Authorised Signatory

Enclosure No.I to FORM -C


1. Facilities available with RQP for preparation of Mining Plan.

Sl. No.

Item of Work

With RQP

Or tie up made with outside agencies / individuals.

If the answer is affirmative, please give brief details also. Use additional sheet, if necessary.( Tick mark under the relevant column as applicable for each item separately)


Topographical / Mine surveying




(a) Geological plans / sections under MCDR'88 etc.




(b) Other mine plans and sections under MCDR'88 etc.




Geological appraisal




Mine Design




Chemical, Petrological and Mineralogical analysis




(a) Collection of environmental base line data in the field and




(b) Arrangement for laboratory analysis of the environmental parameters




Whether EIA / EMP prepared by RQP himself or by engaging outside consultant or agency.



2. Particulars of the work done during the precceding two years period :

Particulars of each of the mining plans prepared indicating the following.

(i) Title of the mining plan.

(ii) Name and address of the client.

(iii) Date(s) of the field / mine visits
undertaken for preparation of mining plan.

(iv) Date of submission to the approving

(v) No. of times mining plan modified after
submission to remove deficiencies.

(vi) Date of letter of approval / rejection of
mining plan ( specify approval or rejection
as the case may be).

(vii) Whether prepared single or jointly
with others.

(viii) In case prepared jointly, give the name
and registration numbers of recognition of the

( The information under itme (2) may be given in separate sheets for each of the mining plans prepared.)


For and on behalf of

Place :    
Date :  

Authorised Signatory

Enclosure No.II to FORM -C

  Bio data of new Key persons* ( Sr.No...........................)

Passport size photograph of the applicant duly attested

  1. (a) Name of the Key person :

    (b) Father's name :

    (c) Address of the Key person :

    (d) Date of Birth :

    (e) Nationality :

    (f) Place where the applicant ordinarily resides :
    Village / City___________, Taluq_______________, District______________, State________________

  2. Academic and Professional Qualifications ( Degree level and above)

    Name of Institution / University Examination Passed Year of Passing Subject


  3. Experience in supervisory capacity in mining operations ( starting from the present or most recent position)
    A. Present or most recent post

    Description of your work indicating your personal responsibility

    Years of Service : From ______ to ________
    Title of Post :
    Name and location of the mine :
    Name and Address of the Employer :
    B. Previous post

    Description of your work indicating your personal responsibility

    Years of Service : From ______ to ________
    Title of Post :
    Name and location of the mine :
    Name and Address of the Employer :
    C. Previous post

    Description of your work indicating your personal responsibility

    Years of Service : From ______ to ________
    Title of Post :
    Name and location of the mine :
    Name and Address of the Employer :

* This number should be the same as the serial number of the Key Person mentioned under item 3 of Form 'C'.


  1. Order of the Regional Controller of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines_______________________________ .
    (a) Having examined the application of M/s ___________________________________________________ , I am satisfied that the applicant is FIT for recognition as Recognised Qualified Person under under Rule 22(c) of MCR,1960.
    (b) The registration of the RQP is renewed upto_______________________________________________.

  2. In case the RCOM does not consider the case fit for renewal, then his recommendations for refusal of renewal of recognition, to be sent to the concerned Controller of Mines for his consent, shall be recorded here ( Attach separate sheet if necessary).

    Place :  

    Signature of RCOM

    Date :

    Seal of the IBM



Note :

(a) Reasons for non renewal of RQP certificate need only be communicated to the applicant by a letter without returning the original RQP certificate.

(b) If the RQP certificate is renewd, a rubber stamp indicating "Renewed upto_____________" be put on the original certificate and RCOM concerned should sign below it with date and put his office seal before returning the certificate to the applicant.

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