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Document Date: July 11, 2016
Dear User,

Thank you for your interest in IBM app for Windows. We’re committed to a relationship with you that supports your ambitions and encourages a diverse catalog of high-quality, engaging apps for our customers. We publish these policies with the dual goals of enabling developers and delighting our customers.
App Policies

Distinct Function & Value; Accurate Representation Our app and its associated metadata must accurately and clearly reflect the source, functionality, and features of app.

Our app must not compromise your security, or the security or functionality of the Windows or Windows Phone device(s), system or related systems and must not have the potential to cause harm to users or any other person.

Our app are not attempt to change or extend the described functionality through any form of dynamic inclusion of code that is in violation of Store Policies.Our app is not download a remote script and subsequently execute that script in a manner that is not consistent with the described functionality.

"Our App is Testable"

Our app requires access to a server, the server is functional and it's working correctly. It meets Store standards for usability, including,

Personal Information

Personal information includes all information or data that identifies or could be used to identify a person, or that is associated with such information or data. Examples of personal information include: name and address, phone number, biometric identifiers, location, contacts, photos, audio & video recordings, documents, SMS, email, or other text communication, screen shots, and in some cases, combined browsing history.

Additionally, apps that receive device location must provide settings that allow the user to enable and disable the app's access to and use of location from the Location Service API.

Our app cannot publish a customer's personal information to an outside service or another person.

For more information about app capability declarations, see App capability declarations.

Our app not containing any content that is defamatory, libellous, slanderous, or threatening.
Offensive Content

Our app not contained any potentially offensive content or content that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence based on considerations of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, or membership in any other social group.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons and Drugs. also not contain any content that facilitates or glamorizes excessive or irresponsible use of alcohol or tobacco products, drugs, or weapons.
Adult Content

Our app must not contain or display content that a reasonable person would consider pornographic or sexually explicit.
Illegal Activity

Our app must not contain content or functionality that encourages, facilitates or glamorizes illegal activity in the real world.

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