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Indian Minerals Yearbook 2017 (Volume I, II & III)

Indian Minerals Year Book is the 56th edition in its series. The Year Book is being brought out in three volumes. Volume I comprise of 11 general reviews, Volume II comprises 19 reviews on metals and alloys and Volume III contains 30 mineral reviews. A sincere attempt has been made to provide comprehensive information on Indian Mineral Industry and National Economy, Policy & Legislation, R & D, Exploration & Development, mineral reserves, production and industry of every States and Union Territories besides a review on Prices, Foreign Trade, Mineral-based Industries, Port Facilities and others in Volume I. Volume II contains reviews on ferrous, non-ferrous, strategic and precious metals and their related metallurgical industries, while Volume III covers reviews on industrial minerals and precious stones besides fertilizer minerals and infrastructural commodities like cement etc.










Mineral Conservation & Development Rules, 2017 (As amended up to 27th March, 2018)




Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 (As amended up to 08th, December 2016).This book is available in ecopy at Ministry of Mines website which may be downloaded , if required.)




Mines & Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act, 1957 (No.67 of 1957) (As amended up to 11 July, 2016). This book is available in e-copy on Ministry of Mines website which may be downloaded, if required.




Marble Development & Conservation Rules , 2002 ( As on 15th May,2002)








Monthly Statistics of Mineral Production, January –December, 2017 

This monthly publication presents important statistics on mineral production in all the States and Union Territories of India. The statistics are on: Index of Mineral Production, Value of production by States, Details of production by minerals, by State for each mineral, by mineral in each State, and metal production. The production statistics included in this periodical cover fuel, metallic and non-metallic minerals. March issue also contains a review on the highlights of production of important minerals during the current financial year.

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Monograph on Chromite

This is the second edition of Monograph on Chromite. This publication gives a comprehensive data on Chromite. It covers the geology, Mineralogy, mode of occurrence and information on Indian and world deposits. The publication also provides extensive inputs on prospecting exploration and exploration methodologies and introduces to new technologies in Chromite Mining in India and other countries. It also sheds light on Chromite ore beneficiation, uses, production & consumption and recent trends in world trade and prices. The publication discusses the impact on environment and future prospects and challenges of Chromite Mining

(Released: 05/12/2013)




Monograph on China Clay (Kaolin)








Application of Rock Mechanics in Surface & Underground Mining

This Bulletin is a ready reference handbook for academicians, researchers and field personnel involved in mining practices and operations. Rock Mechanics is an evolving branch of Mining Engineering and Geosciences that has recently caught attention and momentum among Mining Fraternity worldwide. This publication has been brought out as an endeavour to comprehensively assimilate the scope and reach of this emerging discipline. The design of rock excavations is predominantly based on past experiences, engineering judgments and empirical methods. Rock masses are heterogeneous and vary in their properties and are intersected persistently by discontinuity. Hence, it is a challenge to create realistic simulations of excavation in rock, which is not only unpredictable but also very complex. The numerical modeling techniques and software replacing the traditional methods of rock excavation design. This Bulletin throws insights on techniques of rock mechanics and their utilization in improving productivity and safety in mines and is of valuable reference value to the industry professionals.

(Released: 15/07/2014)




Bulletin on Ochre

It covers varied aspects like geology, prospecting, exploration & reserves availability, mining, demand, consumption, specifications etc. of Ochre.




Slurry Transportation in Indian Mines

Provides comprehensive information on transportation of heavier solid minerals in slurry format and its economic viability in Indian conditions besides case studies of some important Indian mines.




Modernisation of Indian Mines through a planned programme of replacement of old machinery and equipment




Cable bolting practices in underground Mines








Market Survey on Manganese Ore

This is the 35th publication in the series of Market Survey Reports published by the Mineral Economics Division of Indian Bureau of Mines. The Report makes a forecast for domestic and export requirement of manganese ore and discusses supply position, resources and production in the country. It also deliberates on the demand for manganese ore in the steel and manganese-based alloy industry and analyses the foreign markets for raw material availability. This publication may prove useful in the development of strategies for steel and alloy industry.

(Released: 08/08/2014)

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Lead and Zinc : A Market Survey

This is the 34th Publication in its series.  Contains information on domestic demand, supply position and foreign markets.  Also provides information on the scrap processing industry.  Caters to the needs of producers, exporters, processors, consumers and planners.(Released: June, 2011).




Copper : A Market Survey

This is the 33rd Publication in its series.  Contains information on domestic demand, supply position and foreign markets.  Also provides information on the scrap processing industry. Caters to the needs of producers, exporters, processors, consumers and planners

(Released: May 2011).




Marble, Falggy Limestone and Slate : A Market Survey

This is a revision of Market Survey Report on Marble published in 1993 with addition of flaggy limestone and slate. The report covers the topics like Uses and Specifications, Supply, Mining and Processing, Prices, Legal and Policy Provisions,. Foreign Markets and Demand and Supply Relationship. This Market Survey may be helpful in identifying the areas for devising future exploration and schemes and in formulating the export strategies and planning for the development of marble, flaggy limestone and slate industry.








Manganese Ore Vision 2020 & Beyond

Vision 2020 and Beyond on Manganese Ore is the second in the series of vision documents brought out by the Ore Dressing Division of Indian Bureau of Mines. The first in the series, Iron & Steel – Vision 2020 was well received among the policy makers and the industry. This document makes a sincere attempt to inform the stakeholders on distribution of manganese ore in India, status of exploration and exploitation of the resources, production, consumption, export & import and EXIM policy. It also sheds light on mining practices, beneficiation, and agglomeration while providing a set of recommendations for the policymakers and industry.

 (Released: 20/11/2014)

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Manual of Procedure for Chemical and Instrumental Analysis of Ores, Minerals, Ore Dressing Products & Environmental Samples

This is the revised edition of the Manual. It has been brought out in the backdrop of importance of understanding the concentration of elements and presence of associated elements in a rock or ore. Such analysis shall guide and aid the future course of exploration with reference to the quantum, quality and time frame. Ores and minerals have variety of elements and radicals. A chemist has to choose exact procedure of analysis depending upon the nature of ore samples and radicals/elements to be analyzed. Such each procedure of chemical analysis has its own merits and demerits and selection of method is based on desired accuracy. Rapid and accurate analysis of samples holds the key to success in exploration, mineral-based mining, marketing and assess quality of mineral-based products. This Manual may find useful in mineral industry.

 (Released: 01/03/2012)

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Iron & Steel Vision 2020

The publication provides comprehensive information on Iron & Steel Industry.   Incorporates information and data on the status of each specific type of industrial units of iron; resources & exploitation; beneficiation & agglomeration and Iron & Steel making process etc. Caters to the needs of Policy makers/planners, regulatory agencies & consultants  and  others  connected  with  the development  of  mines  &  mineral  sector.

(Released: August 2011). 






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