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The Mining Research Cell undertakes research investigations on geotechnical projects and environment related issues, both on promotional and consultancy basis. (Click here for  Revised Schedule of Charges )..A mobile environmental monitoring lab with state-of-the-art equipment for air quality measurements is in operation.

Services Offered


IBM conducts environmental investigations by rendering consultancy- services on charge basis and promotional basis for the benefit of mining industry. IBM is also involved with BRGM, France on a collaborative project.


  • Mobile Environmental Laboratory (Van).
    Automatic Recording Electronic weather station.
    Dust Trak (Aerosol Monitor).
    Automatic Stream Monitor.
    Automatic Weather Sampler.
    Blast Vibration Monitors (Blast mate & Minimates).
    Noise Level Meter.
    Free Silica Sampler.
    Phase Contrast Microscope.
    Portable Photometer.
    GPS receiver.
    Latest computer hardware and softwares , Color printers, scanners,  digitizers, 
    and Laptops with matching softwares MAPINFO,  MEDOWIN, dBOl.

Services offered:

  • Generation of environmental base line data for mining projects.
  • Preparation of REIA, EIA and EMP for mining projects.
  • Environmental Audit.
  • Risk Analysis and preparation of disaster management plan for site specific project.

Geo-technical Investigations

IBM undertakes geo-technical investigations by rendering consultancy services on charge basis and promotional basis for the benefit of mining industry.


  • Point Load Tester.
  • Biaxial Testing Machine.
  • Portable Shear Box.
  • Core Cutting and Grinding Equipment
  • Multi-point Bore hole Extensometer
  • Tape Extensometer with readout unit
  • Bore hole Piezometers with read out unit
  • Latest computer facilities with matching softwares like BLASTWARE, CATRA, GALENA etc. for processing the field generated data.

Services offered:

  • Geo-technical Investigations for slope stability.
  • Pit slope design.
  • Field geo-technical instrumentation monitoring and analysis of data.
  • Design of underground excavation.
  • Design of stoping methods, support requirements, instrumentation and monitoring.



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