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Scrutiny Comments on examination of Mining Plan / Review of Mining Plan etc. during 2019-20 : Goa Region : Page-1

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Sl. No.

 Mining Plan/Review of Mining Plan etc.




Name of the Mine


Date of Inspection

Name and Designation of the Inspecting Officer

Date of issue of Scrutiny Letter

 1 Modifications in ARMP under Rule 17(3) of MCR'2016  Maharashtra  Kolhapur  Bauxite   Dhangarwadi Bauxite Mine M/s. HINDALCO Ind. Ltd.  Table Scrutiny  Kalmata M.K., SMG   10.05.2019
Review of Mining Plan under Rule 17(2) of MCR'2016  Maharashtra   Ratnagiri Bauxite  Gudeghar Bauxite Mine M/s. Infrastructure Logistics Pvt. Ltd.  Table Scrutiny  S/shri. Suresh Prasad, DCOM & Kalmata M.K.,SMG  19.07.2019 
 3  Review of Mining Plan under Rule 17(2) of MCR'2016   Maharashtra  Ratnagiri Bauxite  Kumbhewade Bauxite Mine  Veet Rag Exploration & Minerals Pvt. Ltd.   Table Scrutiny   S/shri. Suresh Prasad, DCOM & G.S.Kannan,JMG  20.08.2019 
 4 Modifications in AMP under Rule 17(3) of MCR'2016  Karnataka  Bagalkot  Limestone   Naganapur Limestone Mine (M.L.No.001) M/s. Sri Nandi Mining Co.  Table Scrutiny   Shri.G.S.Kannan,JMG 01.08.2019 
 5  Review of Mining Plan under Rule 17(2) of MCR'2016  Karnataka  Bagalkot  Limestone & Dolomite   Yendigeri Limestone & Dolomite Mine (M.L.No.2444) Smt. Shashikala R. Salimath  05.08.2019   Shri. Suresh Prasad, DCOM  14.08.2019 
6 FMCP under Rule 24(1) of MCDR'2017 Karnataka Bagalkot  Limestone Lokapur Limestone Mine (M.L.No.2323) Shri. Ravi G.Bolishetty 09.08.2019 Shri. Suresh Prasad, DCOM  20.08.2019
 7  Review of Mining Plan under Rule 17(2) of MCR'2016   Karnataka Bagalkot  Limestone & Dolomite  Thimmapur Limestone & Dolomite Mine (M.L.No.2272/2481)   Shri. Prahlad H.Pujar 11.12.2019  Shri. Prem Prakash, DCOM    18.12.2019


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