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Application for Recognised Qualified Person(RQP) -Form A


“Persons eligible for grant of recognition under rule 22 C of Mineral Concession Rules, 1960, may download this form and submit the duly filled in form to the concerned regional office alongwith the form fee of Rs. 100/- (for individual registration )  payable by Demand Draft drawn on any nationalized bank,  in favour of “Drawing and Disbursing Officer, IBM, (name of concerned region) .”



Passport size photograph of the applicant duly attested

Mines & Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act, 1957.
Application for Recognition as Qualified Person to Prepare Mining Plans
(Under Rule 22(c) of Mineral Concession Rules,1960)


I,________________________________________________________________, am desirous of seeking recognition as qualified person under Rule 22(c) of Mineral Concession Rules,1960 for the preparation of Mining Plans ( including environmental management plans) and furnish the following information :

  1. (a) Name of the applicant :

    (b) Father's name :

    (c) Address of the applicant :

    (d) Date of Birth :

    (e) Nationality :

    (f) Place where the applicant ordinarily resides :
    Village / City___________, Taluq_______________, District______________, State________________

  2. Academic and Professional Qualifications ( Degree level and above)

    Name of Institution / University Examination Passed Year of Passing Subject

  3. Experience in supervisory capacity in mining operations ( starting from the present or most recent position)
    A. Present or most recent post

    Description of your work indicating your personal responsibility

    Years of Service : From ______ to ________
    Title of Post :
    Name and location of the mine :
    Name and Address of the Employer :
    B. Previous post

    Description of your work indicating your personal responsibility

    Years of Service : From ______ to ________
    Title of Post :
    Name and location of the mine :
    Name and Address of the Employer :
    C. Previous post

    Description of your work indicating your personal responsibility

    Years of Service : From ______ to ________
    Title of Post :
    Name and location of the mine :
    Name and Address of the Employer :

  4. Experience if any in mine planning - Analysis of own experience ( state why you consider yourself suitable for preparation of mining plans including environmental management plans. Give particulars of mine plans prepared if any. )

  5. List of copies of certificates & testimonials attached in support of qualifications, experience

  6. (a) State if application for recognition was ever made before under Rule 22(c) of MCR,1960.

    (b) If yes, name and address of the authority to whom the application was made and date of application.

    (c) Decision of the said authoriy.

    I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place :

Signature of the applicant

Date :




  1. Having examined the application of Shri______________________________________________________ , I am satisfied that the applicant is FIT / NOT FIT for recognition under Rule 22(c) of MCR,1960.

  2. The registration number accorded to him as a recognised person is : 

  1. The reasons for refusing the grant of recognition are recorded below :

Place :

Regional Controller of Mines
Indian Bureau of Mines

Date :


(These instructions sheet may be detached from the application
Form and retained by the applicant for his own record)

1. Application should be submitted in the prescribed form available on sale from any of the offices of the Indian Bureau of Mines. An additional copy of the form is provided with each set (not on the site) which may be retained by the applicant for his reference and record.
2. The application should be complete in all respects. Only photocopies of certificates of qualifications / experience / age etc. duly attested by a gazetted officer of the Central or State Government should be sent with the application form. No original documents need be sent. They may be submitted only when called for by the competent authority.
3. Applications may be sent to the Regional Controller of Mines under whose territorial jurisdiction the applicant ordinarily resides. In case of companies, firms, associations etc., the application may be sent to the Regional Controller of Mines under whose territorial jurisdiction the registered office is situated. The addresses of the various Regional Controller of Mines and their respective territorial jurisdictions are given in the Annexure.(also available on site)
4. The recognition granted by any Regional Controller of Mines shall be valid for the preparation of mining plans for mineral deposits any where in India.
5. Individuals desirous of seeking recognition may apply in form 'A' along with copies of certificates, testimonials etc.
6. In case the applicant is a Public Company as defined in the Company Act 1956, a private company as defined in the said Act, a firm or an association of individuals duly registered under the relevant Act (hereinafter called Applicant Organisation), the application should be made in Form 'B'.
(I) In case of applicant organizations, the number of key persons should be given up to a maximum of six persons. They will be the persons earmarked for preparation of mining plans either by themselves or for guiding and supervising the work of a team engaged in the preparation of the mining plans.
(II) The key persons shall individually possess the qualifications and experience required under Rule 22(c) for being recognised as a qualified person.
(Ill) The key persons may also apply if they so desire for recognition in their individual capacity under Rule 22(c) for recognition as a qualified person in which case the application shall be submitted in form 'A'.
(iv) In case any of the key persons leaves or otherwise disassociates with the applicant organisation, an intimation shall be sent forthwith by the applicant organisation to the recognising authority stating the date from which the key person has left the services or otherwise disassociated. The competent authority may review the recognition granted to an applicant organisation when 50% or more of key persons taken into consideration at the time of grant of recognition depart or disassociate from the said organisation.
7. A passport size photograph duly attested by a gazetted officer of Central or State Government shall be affixed to the application form in the space provided for it. In case of applicant organisation the passport size photograph of key persons similarly attested shall be affixed to the enclosures to Form 'B' in the space provided for it.
8. No item/column should be left blank or deleted. If the information against any column / item is nil it should be so stated / recorded giving the actual facts. Leaving it blank or making dashes or writing N.A. is not enough. A clear and definite reply is required.
9. While describing the experience in the supervisory capacity in item No.3 of the application, the nature of duties and managerial functions, performed may be clearly brought out.
10. The recognition shall be valid for a period of ten years from the date of grant of recognition. The competent authority while according recognition will allot a registration number. This should be mentioned by the person in all future correspondence with the Indian Bureau of Mines made in connection with the mining plans and also mentioned in the mining plan prepared by him as required under MMDR Act and the rules made thereunder.
11. An application, if found deficient in any respect is liable to be rejected. In submitting an application, therefore, the applicant should ensure that all requirements specified in the relevant provisions of the law & instructions are complied with.
12. The recognised persons will be required to comply with the instructions laid down by the competent authority from time to time

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