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Scrutiny Comments of Mining Plan / Review of Mining - Dehradun Region 2021-22

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Sl.No Mining Plan/Scheme of Mining/Review of Mining Plan etc. State District Mineral Name of the Mine Owner Date of inspection Name and Designation of the inspecting Officer Date of issue of Scrutiny Letter
1 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone BarwasLimestone Mines ML8.91 M/s Jhakra Mines & Minerals  Inspection could not be undertaken due to COVID19 Pandemic - 05.05.2021
2 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone Borli DurgaLimestone MinesML 4.444 Shri Kanwar Mrigendra Singh Inspection could not be undertaken due to COVID19 Pandemic 10.05.2021
3 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone BanourLimestone Mines ML0.874 M/s Balbir Singh Supa Ram Inspection could not be undertaken due to COVID19 Pandemic  - 14.06.2021
 4 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone BhimgodaLimestone MineML 3.16 Shri Kush Parmar Inspection could not be undertaken due to COVID19 Pandemic   - 31.05.2021
 5 RMP U.K Pithoragarh Magnesite Dungra Magnesite MineML 4.184 Shri Jeewan Singh Mal Inspection could not be undertaken due to COVID19 Pandemic   - 29.06.2021
 6 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone Bhimgoda Limestone MineML 8.50 Smt. Satya Tomar 07.07.2021 Shri D.P.Sharma,ACOM 28.07.2021
 7 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone Chowki Mrigwal Limestone MineML 3.9 M/S Giri Lime & Chemicals 06.07.2021 Shri D.P.Sharma, ACOM 14.07.2021
 8 RMP H.P Mandi Rock Salt Drang Rock Salt MineML 8.122 M/S Hindustan Salt Ltd. 18.08.2021 Shri D.P.Sharma 01.10.2021
9 RMP J&K Anantnag Limestone Wantrag Limestone MineML 21.25 M/S Shining Star Stone Quarries - - 10.08.2021
10 RMP H.P Mandi Limestone Keran Limestone Mine725.855 M/s Harish Cements Ltd. 10.10.2021 Shri D.P.Sharma 10.11.2021
11 RMP H.P Solan Limestone Kasholog Limestone Mine 469 M/s Ambuja Cements Ltd. - - 24.11.2021
12 RMP J.K-UT Srinagar Limestone Tulpow Limestone Mine ML 77.96 M/s Khyber Industries Pvt. Ltd. -   23.12.2021
13 RMP J.K-UT Srinagar Limestone

Sekinar Limestone Mine

M L 14.93

M/s Khyber Industries Pvt. Ltd. - - 24.12.2021
14 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone

Sangrah Limestone Mine

M L 8.005

Shri V.K.Walia 16.12.2021 Shri S.Saklani, JMG 03.01.2022
15 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone Bhootmari Limestone Mine ML 32.57 Shri V.K.Walia 15.12.2021 Shri S.Saklani, JMG 13.01.2022
16 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone Banour Limestone Mine ML 0.8 M/s Balbir Singh Supa Ram 18.02.2022

Shri D.P.Sharma,


17 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone Bhawani Limestone Mine ML 5.61 M/s Janki Mines & Minerals  08.03.2022 Shri S.Saklani, JMG 08.04.2022
18 RMP J&K-UT Pulwama Limestone Dekhan Bajnar Limestone Mine ML 4.98 Mr. Waqar Asif - - -
19 RMP H.P Sirmour Limestone Bharli Limestone Mine ML 2.623 Shri Deepak Chawla 26.02.2022 Shri M.K.Sharma, AME 11.04.2022
20 MMP & FMCP H.P Sirmour Limestone Hiyona Limestone Mine Shri Kapil Anand & Shri Gaurav Anand 16.03.2022 Shri M.K.Sharma, AME 11.04.2022


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