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(A panacea to nip the corruption in bud) 
Conscience is the light of the Soul that burns within the chambers of our psychological heart. It is as real as life is. It raises the voice in protest whenever anything is thought of or done contrary to the righteousness. Conscience is a form of truth that has been transferred through our genetic stock in the form of the knowledge of our own acts and feelings as right or wrong.

Conscience is also a great Ledger where our offences are booked and registered. It is a terrible witness. It threatens, promises, rewards and punishes, keeping all under its control. If conscience stings once. it is an admonition, if twice, it is a condemnation and if stings more than twice only God can help such person. 

While doing an un-righteous act, Cowardice asks, “Is it safe?” Greed asks, “Is there any gain in it?” Vanity asks, “can I become great? Lust asks, “Is there pleasure in it? But conscience asks, “Is it right?” Why have we become deaf to its voice? Insensitive to its pricks? Callous to its criticism? The answer is corruption.

Corruption is an assault on consciousness. The habit of taking bribes and seeking favours has become very common. People holding important positions have developed inconsiderateness to their conscience. They pretend everything is all right. Do they not have an idea of the law of action and reaction? Have they forgotten how impressions of the subconscious mind and their force work? If you take bribes, your thoughts and actions are registered in the subconscious mind. Will you not be carrying forward your dishonesty to your next generations causing them great suffering? It is a painful reality that corruption has become a way of life affecting all aspects of living, personal as well as social. It is not merely the pecuniary corruption but other forms as well. Immoral ways of people holding high positions and handling power have taken away guilt from the minds of lesser mortals. What a dangerous situation? A great civilization is endangered.

A virtuous man alone can use the instrument of conscience. He alone can hear the inner voice of the soul clearly. In a wicked man this faculty is dead. The sensitive nature of his conscience has been destroyed by sin or corruption. Hence he is unable to discriminate right from wrong. Those who are leading organizations, business enterprises, institutions etc. how can they be corrupt? Is it not wise to have a clean conscience and enjoy freedom from anxiety and all kinds of worries? If you do wrong actions and sinful deeds and treat them lightly today, you will not hesitate to perform serious crimes tomorrow. If you allow one sin to enter and dwell in your conscience, you pave the way for the entry of thousand sins. Your conscience will become blunt and lose its sensitivity. The habit of doing evil deeds will pervade the whole body like the poison of a scorpion.

Do you know when you are corrupt, your children as well as others who are indeed enjoying the fruits of your corruption are mocking at you? After all they are well informed and knowledgeable. Your parental mask is too thin to hide the contempt of your children. You are no more the role model of your own children. Is this disgrace not enough? Our society is fast reaching a stage where the immunity of conscience of people holding positions of consequence is challenged by the corruption, as HIV would do the body of an AIDS patient.  Corruption has seeped into every stream of our life-blood. Can we save ourselves as a civilization?

Solemnly say YES and take a pledge to cultivate a clean conscience and enjoy freedom from anxiety and all kinds of worries. Remember, the only way to bring purity in your life is listing to your conscience

(A concept)
As on date vigilance is of two types:
  1. Punitive vigilance
  2. Preventive vigilance
Now, a concept of Immunitive vigilance has been given a thrust by the undersigned.  It can be understood by comparing it by a disease:-
(A)   Disease : Swine flue
Punitive measure: When affected by Swine flue which is proved by a test then virus of swine flue is killed by Temi-flue.
Preventive measure: Use mask, maintain at least 6’ distance, clean hands, etc.
Immunitive measure: Get vaccinated. By doing so the swine flue virus will not attack. It will create a swine flue free society.

(B)    Disease : Corruption
Punitive measure:  If integrity of any person found doubtful and it is proved after enquiry then punish the individual for such act.
Preventive measure:   Create a system which bring transparency and create awareness, etc.  So that scope of corruption is reduced.
Immunitive measure:  evoke conscience*. It will create a corruption free society.
* Conscience is the light of the soul that burns within the chambers of our psychological heart.  It raises the voice in protest whenever anything is thought of or done contrary to the righteousness.  Conscience is a form of truth that has been transferred through our genetic stock in the form of the knowledge of our own acts and feelings as right or wrong.
For developing a vaccine lot of endeavour is required to be made.  Similary for evoking conscience which is dormant as on date in the individual of doubtful integrity lot of endeavour is required.  A few steps in this direction are:
  1. Organising talks on values and ethics. Value systems are intrinsic to the human behaviour and hence inculcating positive values like honesty, integrity and truthfulness can enhance the contribution of the individual towards the society as well as the Nation.
  2. Making people aware of the fact that conscience is required to be awaken to fight corruption by highlighting the disadvantages of corruption and indicating the reasons of corruption and perceived places / posts of corruption.
  3. Recognising anti-corruption work as a social service.  Accordingly society should condemn the corrupt rather than dignifying such wealthy people who have amassed it by corrupt means.
  4. Society should not marry their daughter to a perceived corrupt people as presently society prefer to marry their daughter to a person on a post of perceived corruption.
  5. Including a chapter on anti-corruption in the course right from Class-I level highlighting the various facets of corruption and the remedy for the same. Question on this topic should be made compulsory in the examination.