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Indian Bureau of Mines,Nagpur

Mineral Processing Division

The Mineral Processing Division has been carrying out R&D studies in the field of Mineral Benificiation since its inception in 1960.

Its Modern Mineral Processing Laboratory, Pilot Plant and Analytical Laboratory Complex establised at Nagpur with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to carry out R&D studies in the field of mineral beneficiation, mineral characterisation, analysis of ores, minerals & ore dressing products as well as environmental samples. The Environmental Laboratory is recognised by Central Pollution Control Board & Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board.

The Bureau has created region wise facilities in mineral testing, beneficialtion & analysis of ores and ores by opening
Regional Mineral Processing Laboratories and Pilot Plants at Ajmer and Bangalore which are also well equipped.

For Salient Data of Mineral Processing Investigations carreid out for Iron Ore by IBM during 2001-2012, please click here


The R & D infrastructure of Mineral Processing Division consists of the following units :

1. Modern Mineral Processing Laboratory and Pilot Plant , Nagpur.

  • Ore Processing Laboratory for bench scale beneficiation studies.

  • Mineral beneficiation Pilot Plant having capacity ranging from 0.5 to 2 tonnes/ hour.

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

  • Minerological Laboratory.

  • Physical Characterisation Laboratory.

  • Environmental Analysis Laboratory.

2. Regional Ore Processing Laboratory and Pilot Plant , Ajmer.

  • Ore Processing Laboratory and Pilot Plant.

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

  • Minerological Laboratory.

3. Regional Ore Processing Laboratory and Pilot Plant , Bangalore.

  • Ore Processing Laboratory and pilot Plant.

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory including fire assay.

  • Minerological Laboratory.



IBM has been conducting mineral beneficiation test work on a variety of ores and minerals and over 2200 investigations have been completed so far. The prime objective of the investigations is to develop the process, the know-how and flow sheet for beneficiation to obtain saleable products from low grade ores and mineral rejects.

  • Crushing
    Jaw, Roll, Reduction Cone Crushers.

  • Grinding
    Ball, Rod and Pebble Mills.

  • Gravity Concentration
    Jigs (Denver, Hartz)
    HMS (Cone)
    Shaking Tables (Wilfley, Deister & Mozley)
    Multi-gravity separator (MGS)
    Centrifugal Concentrator (Knelson)
    Air Classifier
    Spirals (MDL)
    Floatex Density Separator
    Duplex Concentrator.

  • Magnetic Separation
    Dry magnetic separator ( Permroll, Improsys)
    Disc high intensity dry magnetic separator
    Cross belt high intensity magnetic separator
    Induced Roll magnetic separator
    Low intensity drum separator ( Sala & Dings)
    Wet high intensity magnetic separator ( Eriez & Jones)
    Ferrous Wheel (High gradient) magnetic separator
    High gradient magnetic separator - Cryogenic (Carpco)

  • Flotation Cells
    Laboratory Floatation Cells
    Denver, Wemco, Outokumphu, Agitair
    Pilot plant scale flotation cells
    Denver and Dorr Oliver (different capacities)
    Flotation columns (3 " dia)

  • Electrostatic Separator
    Carpco Roll and Plate type electrostatic separator.



  • Classical Wet Analysis.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
  • X- Ray Fluroscence Spectrophotometer (XRF)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Analyser(ICPA)
  • Infra Red Spectroscope(FTIA).
  • Ion Chromatograph.
  • Carbon Sulphur Analyser.
  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer.
  • Flame Photometer.
  • Ion Selective Electrode Analyser.



  • Sample Preparation Equipment.
  • Microscopes.
  • X- Ray Diffractometer (XRD)
  • TG / DTA Thermo Analyser
  • Electron Probe Micro Analyser (EPMA)



  • Particle size analyser( Sedigraph 5100)
  • Brightness tester.
  • Surface area analyzer.



Please click on the link for Revised Schedule of Charges


The Mineral Processing Division of IBM is carrying out R & D studies for development of beneficiation process flow-sheet / process know-how of low grade ores and minerals in Laboratory and Pilot Plant scale and to generate process data / parameters for design of commercial concentrators. The major sponsors of the investigation are public sector undertakings, central and state governments, as well as many private mining companies and consultancy firms. Besides, substantial departmental promotional work is also carried out which are of prime importance from conservation of minerals and environmental aspects point of view.

Some of the significant work has been done in the field of mineral beneficiation for the following sponsors from the mineral industry / related institutions and organisations. Please click here for Salient Data of Mineral Processing investigations on Iron Ore.



  • M/s Bishi Metal Exploration Corporation, Japan
  • M/s Lurgi, West Germany
  • M/s Metchem, Canada
  • M/s RTZ Consultants
  • National Mining Company LLC, Oman
  • Government of Bhutan
  • Government of Vietnam



  • Department of Mining & Geology of the States of Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Manipur, Orissa, Rajasthan, Sikkim and West Bengal.
  • Geological Survey of India.
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar and Jorhat.
  • National Metallurgical Laboratory, Chennai and Jamshedpur.



  • Andhra Pradesh Mining Corporation Ltd.
  • Bhilai Steel Plant
  • Fertilizers Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation
  • Hutti Gold Mines Ltd.
  • Hindustan Copper Ltd.
  • Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation Ltd.
  • Maharashtra State Mining Corporation Ltd.
  • Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd.
  • Manganese Ore India Ltd.
  • National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Orissa Mining Corporation.
  • Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd.
  • Rajasthan State Tungsten Development Corporation.
  • Sikkim Mining Corporation Ltd.
  • Uttar Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.
  • West Bengal Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.



  • Ambuja Cement Ltd.
  • Achean Granites Pvt. Ltd.
  • Associated Cement Co. Ltd.
  • Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd.
  • Binani Cements Ltd.
  • BEC Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Chowgule & Co. Ltd.
  • Dempo Mining Corporation Ltd.
  • English India Clay Ltd.
  • Ferro Alloys Corporation Ltd.
  • G.R.Graphites
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
  • Ispat Industries Ltd.
  • Keshoram Cements .
  • Madras Cements Ltd.
  • Mangalam Cements Ltd.
  • Oswal Chemcials and Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Sesa Goa Pvt. Ltd.
  • Salgaocar Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sociedade Fomento Industrial Ltd.
  • SRF Ltd
  • Tamilnadu Minerals
  • Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.




Mineral Processing Division

2nd   Floor, Block B,

Indira Bhavan, Civil Lines,

Telephone No. 91-712 - 2565024

Fax No. 91-712-2562631

email : codo[at]ibm[dot]gov[dot]in