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Indian Bureau of Mines,Nagpur


The objective of the IBM is to promote systematic and scientific development and optimum utilisation of mineral resources of the country (both on-shore and off-shore).

In order to achieve this objective the charter of functions of Indian Bureau of Mines is as follows:  

  1. To collect, collate and organise into a database, all information on exploration, prospecting, mines and minerals in the country in the shape of a National Mineral Information Repository and take steps to publish and disseminate the same;
  2. Function as the National Technical Regulator in respect of the mining sector and lay down regulations, procedures and systems to guide the State Governments (first tier of regulation);
  3. To build up capacity in the system, both for regulatory as well as the developmental work, at the central level as well as at the level of the States;
  4. To establish institutional mechanisms of coordination between the Centre, the States, mineral industry, research and academic institutions, and all stake holders, so as to proactively develop solutions to the demands and problems faced by the industry;
  5. To promote research on all aspects of practical relevance to the industry and to act as a bridge between research institutions on the one hand and user industry on the other;
  6. To provide technical consultancy services;
  7. To participate in international collaborative projects in the area of regulation and development of the mineral sector;
  8. To advise Government on all matters relating to the mineral industry; and
  9. To undertake any such other activity as has become necessary in the light of developments in the field of geology, mining, mineral beneficiation and the environment

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