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Indian Bureau of Mines,Nagpur

Technical Consultancy & Mining Research


T.C. Division is headed by the Controller of Mines and is located at Nagpur. It offers Technical Consultancy services to mining industry in surveying, exploration, geology, mining feasibility studies and environment related issues. With the sole objective of promoting the development of mineral industry, very nominal fees are charged for consultancy assignments, with special concession to small entrepreneurs. (Click here for  (Revised Schedule of Charges for TMP & MR Division). The division is well-equipped with trained personnel and latest computer facilities for deposit evaluation, project costing, and financial analysis etc.

Services offered


  • Survey of mineral properties and preparation of mine plans and sections.
  • Preparation of geological plans and preliminary geological appraisal of mineral properties.
  • Formulation of scheme of detailed exploration with cost estimates.
  • Logging and sampling of boreholes.
  • Evaluation of exploration data.
  • Geo-statistical evaluation of mineral deposits.
  • Preparation of detailed resources appraisal reports.
  • Collection of representative samples for laboratory and pilot plant tests.


  • Preparation of feasibility reports.
  • Preparation of mine development schemes.
  • Preparation of mine environment management plan.
  • Evaluation of feasibility reports on behalf of financial institutions.
  • Financial analysis of mining projects.
  • Determination of Productivity and fuel consumption norms for mining ventures.
  • Production, planning and grade control on given process parameters.
  • Remodeling of old mines for introduction of advanced mining technology


  • Topographic Survey
  • DGPS (Differntial Global Positioning System).
  • Mining Survey.
  • Measurement of Excavation/Dump Stock and Volume computation.
  • Creation of 3D map, Digital terrain modeling (DTM) of surface map.  



The Mining Research Cell undertakes research investigations on geotechnical projects and environment related issues, both on promotional and consultancy basis.

Services Offered


IBM conducts environmental investigations by rendering consultancy- services on charge basis and promotional basis for the benefit of mining industry.


  • Automatic Recording Electronic weather station.
  • Dust Trak (Aerosol Monitor).
  • Automatic Stream Monitor.
  • Automatic Weather Sampler.
  • Blast Vibration Monitors (Blast mate & Minimates).
  • Noise Level Meter.
  • Free Silica Sampler.
  • Phase Contrast Microscope.

Services offered:

  • Generation of environmental base line data for mining projects.
  • Preparation of REIA, EIA and EMP for mining projects.
  • Environmental Audit.
  • Risk Analysis and preparation of disaster management plan for site specific project.

Geo-technical Investigations

IBM undertakes geo-technical investigations by rendering consultancy services on charge basis and promotional basis for the benefit of mining industry.


  • Point Load Tester.
  • Biaxial Testing Machine.
  • Portable Shear Box.
  • Core Cutting and Grinding Equipment
  • Multi-point Bore hole Extensometer
  • Tape Extensometer with readout unit
  • Bore hole Piezometers with read out unit

Services offered:

  • Geo-technical Investigations for slope stability.
  • Pit slope design.
  • Field geo-technical instrumentation monitoring and analysis of data.
  • Design of underground excavation.
  • Design of stoping methods, support requirements, instrumentation and monitoring.



Controller of Mines ( TC & MR )

7 th   Floor, Block 'D',
Indira Bhavan, Civil Lines, Nagpur-440001

Telephone No. 91-712 - 2562143

email : com[dot]tc[at]ibm[dot]gov[dot]in