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Indian Bureau of Mines,Nagpur

Criterion for Inspection of Mines

Criterion for Selection of Mines for inspections (as per IBM Manual for inspection of Mines)

Selection of mines for inspection shall be done at the level of Regional Controller, in charge of regional office, based on the following priority criterion:

1. All mechanized mines

2. All underground mines

3. Other A category mines

4. All mines whose leases are expiring within 2 years.

5. Inspection of mines having approved modfications in the Mining Plan / Scheme of Mining are to be inspected,as per the instructions given by Ministry of Mines, vide letter No. 16/12/2009-MVI dated 29.10.2010, as below:


a. - mines having increase in production by more than 50% are to be inspected every 3 months

b. - mines having increase in production between 25 to 50% are to be inspected every 6 months

c. - mines having increase in production by less than 25% are to be inspected every year

6. Mines where conservation problems are known to exist or where difficult working conditions exist which could mitigate against the enforcement of more important provisions of MCDR including implementation of mining plan, enforcement of provisions pertaining to abandonment of mines and/or temporary discontinuance of mining operations those relating to environment submission of returns and notices etc.

7. Mines of important minerals of the region and of strategic minerals.

8. Mines not inspected for more than 2 years in the immediate past and

9. Other B category mines.