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Indian Bureau of Mines,Nagpur

Our Mission

The primary mission of Indian Bureau of Mines is to promote systematic and scientific development of mineral resources of the country (both onshore and offshore), through regulatory inspections of the mines, approval of mining plans and environment management plans to ensure minimal adverse impact on environment. Some of the key aspects in carrying out our mission include :

  • To conduct regulatory inspections of mines under the statute;
  • To approve mining plans, schemes and mine closure plans having regard to conservation of minerals and protection of environment;
  • To play a proactive role in minimising adverse impact of mining on the environment by undertaking environmental assessment studies on a regional basis;
  • To promote awareness about restoration and rehabilitation of mined out areas through exhibitions and audiovisual media;
  • To advise the Government on matters in regard to the mineral industry, relating to environment protection and pollution control, export and import policies, trade, mineral legislation, fiscal incentives and related matters;
  • To conduct suo moto techno-economic field studies in mining , geology, mineral processing and environmental aspects including analysis of ore and minerals and to promote R & D activities in these areas;
  • To provide technical consultancy services on promotional basis within the country and abroad in the field of mining, geology, mineral processing and environment;
  • To collect, collate and maintain a database on exploration, prospecting, mines and minerals and to bring out publications / bulletins highlighting the problems and prospects of mining industry;
  • To provide training to the scientific, technical and other cadres of the department and persons from the mining industry and other agencies for human resource development.

Our Vision

The National Mineral policy 2008 (NMP) has envisioned diverse mineral's development programmes and has formulated policy framework and strategies for providing a roadmap to achieve sustainable mineral development in the country. Indian Bureau of Mines prominently figures in the assemblage of schemes that requires to be dovetailed and has a discernible role to play in realizing the objectives as laid out in the NMP. Therefore, the vision statements for IBM should necessarily reflect the character of NMP, 2008 and character a course with definitive commitments that would serve the best interest of the country mineral industry.