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Indian Bureau of Mines,Nagpur


Training Centre

The Training Centre of Indian Bureau of Mines started functioning from 1st July 1977 on the recommendations of the Committee for Administrative Reforms, Government of India. Training Centre has conducted various In-house & Structured training programmes which includes training for IBM Personnel, Industry Personnel, Foreign Nationals. Also, as per the recommendations of Task Force Report for the Development of Mineral Industry, North Eastern Personnel were imparted on the job training. The Central / State Government Organisations and Undertakings, Major Private Mining Industries and other individuals are the main beneficiaries of trainings. Please click for the training calendar 2022-23 & (Revised schedule of Charges)

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Directors / Incharge of Training Centre since beginning

Sl No.

Name of Director / Incharge



Shri C.M. Jain                    

1977 to 1981


Shri N.M. Sangode           

1981 to 1984


Shri D.K. Ghosh                

1984 to 1990


Shri G. Khalkho                 

1990 to 1992


Shri R.L. Bhatia                 

1993 to 1994


Shri S.L. Pitale

1994 to 1995


Shri S.S. Das

1995 to 1997


Shri S.P. Goyal

1997 to 2001


Shri R.B. Deshmukh          

2001 to 2003


Shri  S. L. Pitale                

2003 to 2004


Shri R.G. Wasnik               

2005 to 2006


Shri T.K. Rath                    

2006 to 2007


Shri K.G. Ingle       

2007 to 2009


Shri R.G. Wasnik              

2009 to 2010


Shri A M Kamble                

2010 to 2011


Shri Arun Prasad               

2011 to 2014


Shri M.V. Sahasrabudhe

Feb. 2014 to Aug. 2014

18 Shri S.S. Sapkal Sep. 2014 to May, 2016
19 Dr. S.K. Jha 31.05.2016 to 08.11.2016
20 Shri U.L. Gupta  09.11.2016 to 31.05.2021
21 Shri R.R. Dongre  03.06.2021 to 02.12.2021
22 Shri B B K Sahoo

03.12.2021 to 31.03.23

23 Shri K. K. Tardia

31.03.2023 to



Training in the field of Geology on the subjects like –

  • Sampling
  • Mineral Inventory
  • Field Training on Structural Interpretation & Co-relation of Data
  • Field Training on Structural Mapping and Methodology of Reserves Estimation
  • United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) for Reserve Estimation.


Training in the field of Mineral Processing, Mineral Beneficiation and Chemical Analysis on the subjects like

  • Chemical Analysis of Ores and Minerals
  • Mineral Beneficiation Techniques
  • Pilot & Large Scale Mineral Beneficiation Investigations


Training in the field of Administration & Others on the subjects like –

  • Administrative Procedures, Accounts, Audit, Financial Rules, etc.
  • Writing of Annual Confidential Report
  • Stores Management.
  • Computer Operations.
  • GIS, Oracle Systems of Computer Application and Use. 


Training for Industry Personnel 

  • Preparation of Mining Plan/Scheme
  • Preparation of Mine Closure Plan
  • Field Training on Geology and Mining
  • Chemical Analysis & Beneficiation
  • Preparation of Environment Management Plan and Base Line Data Generation Techniques
  • Preparation of Mining Feasibility & Financial Analysis Techniques for Mining Projects.
  • United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) for Reserve Estimation 


Lectures on Topical Interest  

Arranged from time to time lectures on topical interest for the benefit of officers and staff of the Department.


Training Provided to Foreign Nationals 

Imparted training to technical personnel from Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Namibia, Malawi under the Commonwealth Fund for Technical  Co-operation (CFTC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).



In all, there are three well-equipped training halls/auditorium located in Indira Bhawan, one at 3rd floor & two at 9th Floor.  The hall at 3rd Floor can accommodate 300 persons and is ideal for conferences & seminars.  The auditorium at 9th Floor is well-furnished with 90 seats.  Each is ideally designed for regular training programmes and workshops.  All the halls/auditorium are fitted with the most modern audio-visual aids & display systems and are fully air-conditioned.



Director (Training)

8 th  Floor, Block 'A',
Indira Bhavan, Civil Lines,

Telephone No. 91-712 -2565867

Fax No. 91-712 - 2565867

email : dir[dot]trg[at]ibm[dot]gov[dot]in