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A. Authority to whom to be sent:  

The Owner, Agent, Manager or Mining Engineer shall submit to the

  1. Controller General, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur,
  2. the concerned Controller of Mines and the Regional Controller of Mines, as notified from time to time under Rule 62 of Mineral Conservation and Development  Rules,1988 and 
  3. the State Government concerned: 

a)       Monthly Return in Form-F

b)       Annual Return in Form-G, and            

c)       Annual Return in Form-H

B. Time Schedule:    

Monthly Returns in Form-F: Before 15th day of every month in respect of preceding month.

Annual Return in Form-G: Before 1st July each year for the preceding financial year  in respect of mines using explosives.

Annual Return in Form-H: Before 1st July each year for the preceding financial year.

C. General Instructions:       

  1. Do not leave any column blank. In case information is 'Nil'  in respect of any item(s) or certain item(s) are 'Not applicable' the same should be indicated against all such items. For any clarification/instructions, consult the Controller General, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur.
  2. If more than one mineral is produced from the same mine, indicate the names of all the minerals produced.  
  3. The return is to be submitted even during the period of discontinuance, furnishing necessary information inclusive of ’NIL’ information.
  4. In case ownership of the mine changes during the reference period, separate returns have to be filled by each owner for the respective periods of ownership.

D.Lease Details:       

  1. Where any State Government itself is the owner of the mine, the name of the State Government as well as the name and address of the exploiting agency should be indicated.   
  2. Where any State Government itself is the owner of the mine, indicate the area of operation.     
  3. In case the lease is expired and not renewed, clarify whether mine is working under Working Permit.   

E. Employment of Labour and Wages Paid: Part-II (Annual Return) 

1. (a) Give day of the week and the date and month on the day of maximum employment.  

2. (b) Total number of Mandays worked is obtained by adding the daily  attendance for the whole period.  

3. (c) Average daily employment is obtained by dividing the number of man days worked by the number of working days. The total shown in column (4C) should agree with the quotient obtained by dividing the total shown in column (2C) by the number of working days shown in column(3). 

4. (d)Wage includes all cash payments including bonuses, Employers' contributions to provident funds, welfare activities etc. Concessions in kind should not be included in wages.        

5. (e) Persons employed in the removal of overburden should be included among 'Others' and not among 'Miners and Loaders' or 'Face workers and Loaders'.

F. Pit's Mouth Value: 

1. The Pit's Mouth Value should represent the sale value of the mineral at the pit head. In case of sales effected on F.O.R. or F.O.B. or any other basis, pit head sale value should be arrived at after deducting all the expenses incurred from mine to railway station or port or other point of sale, as the case may be (such as expenses on transportation, loading and unloading charges, railway freight, sampling and analysis, port handling, export duty, cess, etc.)   

2. In case of captive mines, cost of production may be considered to represent the Pit's Mouth Value.     

3. The Pit's Mouth Value may be indicated in respect of each grade of ore sold in accordance with definition. In case, there is no sale of a particular grade or grades produced during the period, the sale value of each grade in any of the immediate earlier period may be indicated. 


1. In case of mines producing more than one mineral from the same mine, a combined return (except production part)may be submitted for all such minerals. However, production part of the return may be submitted separately for each mineral in the prescribed formats

2. Give complete chemical analysis of a representative sample of each grade of ore sold/despatched during the period in a separate sheet and attach with the return. (Give the analysis in respect of the sale/despatch grades which are different from the production grades already covered.)  

H. Abbreviations used in the above Form:

Govt.          Government                          
Ltd. Co.       Limited Company 
&                and                                   
No.             Number 
Rs.             Rupees                 
Col.            Column 
Ltrs.            Litres                                   
Cu.Mtrs.      Cubic Metres 
Kgs.            Kilograms                   
KWH.          Kilo Watt Hour 
R.O.M.         Run-of-Mine                         
F.O.R.          Free on Rail 
Km.             Kilometre                               
%                Percentage 
F.O.B.          Free on board                         
MQM           Million Cubic Metre 
mm             Millimetre

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